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Personalized Fitness for Everyone!

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On this page we will detail our company, and describe what makes us the best value for your fitness dollar anywhere!

You will receive semi-personal training from Bill Johnston, the proprietor and an AFAA Certfied Fitness Trainer.

*Nutritional Guidance
*Body Sculpting
*Weight Management
*Flexibility improvement at all ages
*Help bring or keep your cholesterol in balance
*Help Fight Heart Disease
*Help Prevent Osteoporosis
*Help Fight Cancer
*Live a Better Quality of Life

Fitness Costs
Traditional Gym Fees that our COMPETITION CHARGES!
Gym Fee: $30. per month

Grand Total: $200.00-$1000.00 PER MONTH!
Fitness Terrace Fees
3 sessions per week:
$10. per session, NO ADDITIONAL GYM FEE!

2 sessions per week:
$10. per session, NO ADDITIONAL GYM FEE!

1 sessions per week:
$20. per session, NO ADDITIONAL GYM FEE!

Low, Low Flat Rate!
just $83. per month

We are making Reservations Now, Please feel free to call right away!

(518) 505-6515


The cost is as low as $10.per 1 hour training session including all gym fees! Simply Incredible!

Traditional fitness costs at our competition's Gyms are:

$30. (more or less) per month in gym fees.

$40-$90 PER SESSION for Personal Training fees.

At a traditional gym, including only one session per week, plus gym fees, this is $200 or much, much more per month!

At Fitness Terrace 1-4 sessions per week of semi-personal training customized to fit your personal life goals, including all gym fees costs only $83. per month, an INCREDIBLE SAVINGS. The average person wishes to work out 2-3 times a week, at 2 times per week this will cost an incredible $10.00 per semi-personal training session!!! This includes all gym fees!!!

Fitness Terrace * 332 Madison Ave * Albany, NY * US * 12210