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The “Carbohydrate Cycle” Diet

Bill Johnston

1. Prepare for each week, or week as spare time allows par-cooked (boiled, grilled, dry-fried or steamed) chicken breast, or turkey breast. Select one or two starches (yams, potatoes, rice, pasta… dealers choice!) have low calorie vegetables (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, bell peppers and so on) at hand. Personally, I just use frozen Italian mix, but of course if time allows fresh is always preferable. Also keep some cantaloupe and melon around, frozen is convenient. These fruits are astoundingly low in calories. The par cooked poultry, starch and your veggies can be eaten as is cold to replace fast food or hurried meals, or feel free to use them as a basic ingredient and get creative. Salsa, marinara, and low fat or fat free sauces are great as well as the ever reliable “Mrs. Dash” and any spices and seasonings. Try not to overdo sodium. Please notice there is almost no fat on my list, except the fats in the poultry. A good multi vitamin is also a great idea.


2. Establish a baseline of the amount you would normally eat, and feel free to refer to, a table of normal baseline caloric needs for most adults. This can be very inaccurate for some who have extreme metabolisms, particularly those with very slow “endomorphic“ natural tendencies. For a week (this is the worst part, I promise) track your intake with a calorie guide, available in your grocery check-out aisle, and a food scale, and see how it lines up with the “webmd” chart. If you are taking in less than the chart normally, create your own lower baseline caloric intake by adding your 5 days of comfortable intake, eating 4-6 small meals per day rather than gorging, then dividing by 5. If you are taking in more than the chart, use the “webmd’s” recommendation. Your daily intake chart will look something like this:

31-50 year old female, sedentary lifestyle: 1,800 Calories:

                    Carbs                          Protein

Monday       1000 calories            800 calories

Tuesday       1000 calories             800 calories

Wednesday 1000 calories            800 calories

Thursday     1000 calories            800 calories

Friday          1000 calories            800 calories

Please notice the diet calls for about 60% carbs, and 40% protein, do not bother tracking fat, just avoid it like the plague!


3. Once your baseline has been established, start your diet. You will probably notice some moderate weight loss during your baseline week simply due to the avoidance of fats! The diet uses the bodies own natural tendency to hold calories during dieting in YOUR FAVOR! Here’s how you do it.

A. “Low carb” phase, three days:

Subtract 20% of your total baseline from the carbohydrate portion of your intake:

1800 calorie baseline, 1800x20%=360, round to 350 and subtract from 1000 daily calorie carb intake, Protein remains the same:

                                       Carbs                         Protein

Low carb phase               650 calories              800 calories

B. In addition to your normal 3 hours per week of combined resistance and aerobic exercise, at the end of your low carb phase, do one 2 hour and 45 min aerobic session, all at once. I recommend recumbent bicycle. Watch TV or read to help pass the time!

C. Return to your baseline for three days. This is your “high carb” phase.

You will find that you become familiar with the caloric value of your core foods, and will not need to weigh anything after a few weeks.


The body tends to react to the low carb phase by becoming more efficient, thus rendering the carb adjustment less effective. Further reduction of calories is less safe than staying as close to your normal baseline as possible. This also helps with energy level! So the solution is to “shock” the metabolism into higher function with the difficult aerobic session, in essence “tricking” it into returning to the baseline without gaining much or any weight at all. Then the process can start all over again.

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