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Segment One: The basic philosophy and typical client of Fitness Terrace. Bill Johnston's personal testimonial.


Segment Two: Health related intake policy, holistic thinking, Marc Kaplan's testimonial, intensity level of training at Fitness Terrace, equipment used at Fitness Terrace, the definition of "aerobics," women's training, swimming.

Segment Three: Senior citizen training, cost and rates at Fitness Terrace, cholesterol, weights and weight training philosophy, fitness for the very young, sports specific training, intensity recommendation, illness layoffs.

Segment Four: Nutrition. Micro vs. Macro nutrition, supplements, training with beta blockers.

Segment Five: Joint care, psychological benefits of training, "New School" vs. "Old School" weight training, abdominal reduction training, South Beach and Dr. Atkins diets.

"Modern Medicine" is an am 590, WROW radio show on Saturday from 12:00pm-1:00pm serving the Capital District of NY. Host Marc Kaplan is shown here interviewing Fitness Terrace Proprietor, and AFAA Certified Personal Trainer Bill Johnston.

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