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Dear Fitness Terrace,

"You REALLY know your stuff!"

Marc K., Executive with the Alzheimer's Association


"...your workout is brilliant...I was (am) very excited about how it would fit into my busy lifestyle, with four kids at home etc....thanks again you've changed my life."

Alan M., Fortune 500 company executive


"Fitness Terrace isn't JUST for the young buff and beautiful. Whether beginner, intermediate, or more experienced level, the studio is all about health, wellness, longevity, and my doctors are amazed at my healthy H.D.L. cholesterol levels. A change that has occurred after only one month of working out regularly at Fitness Terrace."

Cynthia M, Center Square resident and property owner


"I'm truly hooked, when I miss a few scheduled workouts I just feel.... BLAH!"

Sarah H, State employee


"A really GREAT workout!"

Adam C., Entrepreneur, business owner


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Fitness Terrace * One Steuben Place * Albany, NY * US * 12207